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Wednesday, 4 June 2008/ 23:08/
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oh well, yes finally reopened. :D With Synjie, we planned but kept postponing, and finally. The main reason was him, and then recently / these few months, the main reason is me. :x Sorry. It's because I'm lazy, and I had fun at eljay and forums and etc, I almost forgot about this blog. :x Plus I have another blog, I have all my secrets in there, and locked the posts. :D so basically you can't read them even if you found it. muahahahaaa. :x

Yes I don't link people like how most people do, all links in a post. Cause' don't you think the whoe blogskin will be extremely messy with tons of links? :x I removed some links too, since my link is not there anymore. :x

and then, uhm removed tagboard aka cbox and added this chatango. Simply because I dont like it anymore. :D Oh by the way, yes old posts disappeared. :D because I felt that those post are stupid and I am not that free to edit all the posts and all. So moved them. :x I'm the only one who can read them, well, memories. <3

and then maple-ish at the right side of my blog, :D it's not about maple and characters and all. Nothing to do with it. :D and the music player, the songs are not my most recent addiction anymore, they were uploaded like months ago, too many awesome songs recently, you don't expect me to upload all, or do you?

Didn't blog for months, so many things unshared. Lol, I don't really know how to blog now, and Iguess I forgot most of the stories and all. Maybe a pic spam, but the blog will lag like shits. Well, whatever. I'll see. :x

Last but not least, I'll run this blog for me myself, not you, not he, not she. (:
but seriously, I still dont know what other things I should add into this blog. Well, it's a sub-domain, not a domain, pretty limited. :( and I'm pretty lost, in everywhere.

Bah! I'm sleepy here. *yawns* Good night. Another update coming up.

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