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Much 'I Do' About Nothing
Thursday, 5 June 2008/ 10:01/
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meh I don't know why I always forgot to tell something. -.- The chatango thingy, only me can read your message. :D and, please tell me lies who are you, cause' they will display your name as anon. -.- How would i know who you are? Just in case you want to know. lol well.

I am here typing while swicthing accounts and accounts, blogs and blogs at blogger. I have 2 google account, I want to move all the blogs to another account la. Mr. Google, any easier way? ROAR! Geeee, invited liao need to approve, approve already need to upgrade all to admin.

ohmygod, I have so many testing blogs, deleted one. :D others leave it first la, since I might need them next time.

( Entry too long, spoiler. Click to expand. ) :D

Geee now the autosave thingy failed. Whatever la, I told you I'm switching accounts. :/ and just now I can't sign in, the error page kept blocking me to do anything. -.- Need to delete cookies, and finally no errors. :D

Just now went to jonnyali's blog, and I saw so many people advertising their music blog in the chatbox. How PATHETIC! Some wanna-bes also always copy this method and all, wth la, if they wanna visit your blog then they will, no need to "Rihanna's new something something something bla bla bla, visit my blog to download!" I wonder why he haven't remove the chatbox.

and and CURSE you Veoh! How can you banned these countries? I bookmarked so many uploader's page to download on the next day, and the next day you banned us. Without any warning! Fine, curse you and curse you. Yes, cursing you is the only thing i can do. Send you email? Lol, as if you will read and reply.

ohmygod this post is so random. Bye, I need to surf the net.

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