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Horrible School + Result
Monday, 9 June 2008/ 21:22/
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Ahhhhhhhhh! School reopened, :( :( :( :( :( Some test papers' marks revealed, and mine are pretty bad. I feel like killing myself now, my results have been dropping for years! I guess I spent more and more times on my entertainments and I abandoned my studies too much. Otherwise, I'm way too lazy to study. Well, sigh. I HATE MY RESULTS! I am so angry with myself, yet I am still here onlining and blogging and surfing the net. Urgh! I'm so dead. Mummy sure will control my usage of laptop and internet, scold me like I killed someone, ban me from buying stuffs I want / buy some stuffs for me, and and daddy will scold me, or gimme the horrible face for days. That's like living in hell! You guys' parents aren't like mine maybe, definitely better than my punishments. They'll punish me even if I dropped 1 mark. I'm pretty scared. The God / world ain't going to give me lucks nor treat me better. So, I bet I'll be dead. Hope Nini isn't reading this. ;p

I don't know what God looks like, so yeah. -.-

Today so shitty and rushy, it's like I did nothing I like at all. -.- I don't want school! I miss the relaxing holidays. Gee, I better go and google something for the damn oral test, and then go rush previously undone homeworks. *died*

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