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Happy Daddy's Day!
Sunday, 15 June 2008/ 23:00/
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Happy Daddy's Day

for all the daddies in every worlds and planets, maybe your world or planet haven't daddy's day yet, so happy belated / advance daddy's day!

Yeah I don't want to say Happy Father's Day, cannot ah? ;p father and daddy, father sounds older and daddy sounds younger to me :D :D

I wonder if any young young daddy blogs, it'll be pretty cool. Even Malaysia's ex-minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (did I spelled his name wrongly?) also blog leh! So free! and he got a lot of things to blog de loh, everyday also one post. ;O All politic-related, so basically I'm not that interested.

My daddy don't even know how to use computer. -.- I have to help him to check mail and reply mails. -.- -.- My mummy knows computer very well, I can't even trick her (as I put my computer on sleep mode instead of shutting it down when my daddy ask me to shut down laptop and sleep, after that I'll wake my laptop up and continue surfing net ;p ) My mummy will even off the modem to force me to sleep. ==;;

err, well. -.- the liverpool members can't see your car i think. -.-

2 days later's my lil' brother's birthday, and my uncle's birthday is around the corner / today ( oops, i don't know :/ ), since today's daddies' day, we celebrated together. :D

see no me? :D well got one video can see me, but lazy / don't want to upload. ;p plus I was the *coughs* official *coughs* "photographer" of the thingy ;x LOL I know my photography skills are lame, but I ain't professional. -.-


:( i forgot to take a group pic.

ok I gotta go to sleep (and cut my long nails :/ ), my mummy is nagging ;O

p/s: is yahoo mail server down? i can't go there for the whole day, it keep telling me DNS Error - Server cannot be found -.- ok, i think maybe yahoo mail hates me only.

p/p/s: how come i didn't use spoiler for so long? uhm next time perhaps.

p/p/p/s: yay! finally get to publish this before 12am 160608. I've been typing these for hours. -.-

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