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firefox 3 + bye
Sunday, 29 June 2008/ 17:09/
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ashbfndsagfhjd :( :( I can't online for weeks, because im sort of grounded, and exams. :( :(

anyway, i installed the Firefox 3, it is very very weird ;x some of my addons won't work, i.e gmail account switcher, imageshack right-click, and I forgot. ;x My bookmarks were gone but I found a way to get them back in the end. ;x ff ily!

and fbasdfkb YAY! it's really faster ohmygod, very fast. even the download speed is faster, and with quick virus scanning after downloading. ♥ firefox 3 now. But one more thing, I hate the address bar. it's soooo big, and some random links that I went will appear up there even though I didn't ask them to save. -.- ok yet, it is very nice so you better go get it now :D :D :D

and happy birthday to pjs aka lt! ;p ;p ily!
ok gotta go. byeeee, muggles.

ohmygod, i lost an original cd ohmygod the case is still perfect, but the cd has gone. -.- it's not even mine. sfjaksbfhajbgfhadggdashsbfasbvda come out!

p/s: don't hate someone simply because most people hate him/her. ♥♥♥♥♥

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